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Each Rhino is 0.05eth

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International Rhino Foundation

We have teamed up, as an official partner, with the International Rhino Foundation to have a portion of every sale benefit rhino conservation.

Interational Rhino Foundation Team Rhino

  No Bonding Curve

Fair and equal distribution of the 4,444 unique rhinos. You have an equal chance at the best rhino if you are mint #1 or mint #4,444

  Millions of Variations

With over 200 unique traits, there are over 300,000,000 combinations available! You will have your own unique Rhino to display as your profile picture and identity!

  Raging Rhino Free Mint

If you held up to 5 Raging Rhinos on January 25th, you will be eligible for up to 5 free Rogue Rhino mints. The presale period will begin March 11th and will last a full 24 hours. If you had more than 5, you will be eligible for more free mints in our future collections.

  Support Rhinos

We officially partnered with International Rhino Foundation to donate 10% of all profits and 1/3 of royalties. This means every Rogue Rhino sale, at mint or post mint, contributes to saving rhinos in the wild.

Mint Rewards

25% Sold

  • 10% profit donation to IRF

50% Sold

  • 10% profit donation to IRF
  • 5% profit deposited into Rogue Rewards community wallet (gnosis multi-sig safe)
  • Horn prizes awarded

75% Sold

  • 10% profit donation to IRF

100% Sold

  • Final 10% profit donation to IRF
  • Final 5% deposit into Rogue Rewards Wallet
  • Remaining horn prizes awarded
  • Rogue Royalty Club unlocked (RRC)

Rogue Team member Zask was lucky enough to visit the last two remaining white rhinos.

Ol Pejeta Image


Phase I

  • Initial 4,444 Genesis ROGUE Rhino Mint
  • Up to 5 FREE mints for Raging Rhino holders
  • Rogue Rewards Club

    Soon after sellout: An exclusive rewards club that unlocks after 1 month of holding your rhinos. A percentage of secondary sale royalties will be set aside for rewards prizes! Hold your rhino to earn points! Accrue points to be eligible for ongoing airdrops, VIP access to future collections, merch drops, special reward club perks, and more.

Phase II - Vogue Rhinos

  • 3,333 Vogue Rhinos - A brand new all female generative PFP
  • FREE to all Rogue Rewards Club members - The remaining will be sold at 0.03eth.

Phase III - Stampede Energy

Stampede Energy
  • A very special green beverage that activates superpowers from deep within, to be used for Rogue Rhinos: Heroes and Villains
  • 1,000 Total Supply
  • FREE Polygon airdrop to Rogue Royalty Club, remaining sold for 0.01 ETH (polygon equivalent)

Phase IV - Rogue Rhinos: Heroes and Villians

  • 1,000 total (250 male heroes, 250 female heroes, 250 male villians, 250 female villians)
  • Only available to original Rogue or Vogue Rhino minters
  • When used with Stampede energy, a male or female hero or villain is created based on existing traits of rhino used with Stampede.

Rogue Rhinos Team